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Taking Flight

This is a weekly blog with videos made by Andi Sherman about events happening on campus.

Week 2


Ace’s Amazing Race

Week 1


ULM Hawkeye


  • ULMHawkeyeDo you read your horoscope? Do you think horoscopes are silly? We want to hear what you think about the idea... http://t.co/Yzdr7jNir2 - posted on 16/01/2015 10:40:06

  • ULMHawkeyehttp://t.co/VTq8dy6Dbe - posted on 16/01/2015 10:36:52

  • ULMHawkeyeWhere you in the library when the fire alarm was triggered Wednesday night? Let's talk about it. We want to hear your story. - posted on 15/01/2015 16:29:16

  • ULMHawkeyeWant to write for us? Come to our weekly meeting today at 5 in the Publications Room in Stubbs Hall. See you there! - posted on 15/01/2015 16:28:21

  • ULMHawkeyeAfter smelling smoke in the library, the fire alarm was triggered causing students to evacuate. The library has... http://t.co/n3I6lCV3e7 - posted on 14/01/2015 23:43:48

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